Lexington, Georgia
National Weather Service  Co-Operative Weather Station
This site provides you with the official National Weather Service temperature and rain observations for Lexington and Oglethorpe County, Georgia.

This site is as changeable as the weather. An entirely new page with new text and graphs are regenerated every 5 minutes. Lexington weather is continually observed. The NIST clock widget below is re-synchronized every 10 minutes. The time shown has been corrected for the path delay of the timestamp through the Internet.

The official National Weather Service temperature in Lexington, Georgia at 10:24am on 10/5/15 is a Comfortable 61.0°F

Thanks Joe  Joe Torsitano
for providing Lexington weather forecasts.

60 years of Lexington rain data

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2015 Monthly Rain
  • Jan  = 3.87"
  • Feb  = 4.97"
  • Mar  = 3.52"
  • Apr = 7.62"
  • May  = 1.99"
  • Jun  =3.59"
  • Jul = 6.00"
  • Aug = 6.22"
  • Sep = 5.04"
  • Oct = 3.55"
  • 2015 = 46.35"
  • Jan 2014   = 3.38"
  • Feb 2014   = 3.87"
  • Mar 2014   = 4.02"
  • Apr 2014   = 4.91"
  • May 2014   = 3.48"
  • Jun 2014   = 2.42"
  • Jul 2014   = 1.91"
  • Aug 2014 = 1.74"
  • Sep 2014 = 3.17"
  • Oct 2014 = 2.47"
  • Nov 2014 =3.11"
  • Dec 2014 = 5.75"
  • Total 2014   = 40.24"
  • lowest annual rainfall
    1954 = 26.55"
  • highest annual rainfall
    1964 = 66.43"
  • Average annual rainfall (1952-2012) = 46.50 in. 
  • source NWS daily obs form B-91
National Weather Service Temperature in Lexington @ 10:24am on 10/5/15

the direction from which the wind is blowing
During no winds, the direction vane remains in last position for the entire night
During no winds, the direction vane remains in last position for the period of no wind or the entire night
The outside air temperature 71 inches above the soil in a solar shielded, vented, day time aspirated enclosure. Heat Index - the effects of humidity and temperature on the human body.
An apparent or perceived temperature based on the skin cooling effects.
Used to indicate discomfort or dangerously high heat exposure. average speed in miles per hour The temperature to which air must be cooled for saturation (100% relative humidity) to occur. refers to the amount of water vapor in the air, the amount of water vapor that the air can contain varies with air temperature and pressure Evapotranspiration is the sum of evaporation from the land surface plus transpiration from plants. Evapotransporation is measured in inches. Real UV intensity is measured in Lexington, Ga.  This is not a forecast or a calculated value.
UV index values range from 0 to 16.
0-2 being outside is safe
3-7 seek shade, a hat, shirt, sunscreen
8-11 avoid sun exposure, protection is necessary
11+ extreme danger Solar radiaiton is measured Watts per square meter. Barometric presssure corrected to sea level
Rain rate meter in inches rainfall per hour Today's rain accumulation
Comfort level Comfortable
Heat Index 66.8°F
Dew Point 58.4 °F.
Humidity 91 %
Barometer 29.91 in.
and Steady
Wind Direction ESE
Wind Speed 0
Solar Radiation 134 Watts/sq Meter
UV Index 1.2
Degrees Heating (65) 2.0 °F
Degrees Cooling (75) 0.0 °F
Today's rain 0.12 in.
Evapotranspiration 0.00 in.
2015 Rainfall 46.35 in
Average Annual Rainfall 46.50 in
Today's Extremes
High Temperature 63.3°F at 12:01am
Low Temperature 59.3°F at 9:05am
High Heat Index 68.8°F at 12:01am
Peak Wind Gust 18 mph at 6:39am 
Yesterday's Data
Temp 24 hrs ago 63.1 °F
Yesterday's high 69.7 °F at 1:35pm
Yesterday's low 61.4 °F at 12:00am
rain yesterday  
Yesterday's Evapotranspiration 0.02 in.
2015 Extremes
2015 High Temp 98.5°F on 8/4/15
2015 High Wind Speed 54 mph on 6/3/15
2015 Low Temp 10.1 on 1/8/15
all time high temp 109.5F on July 1, 2012

This is National Weather Service Co-Operative Station LXTG1 in Lexington, Georgia. It provides official rain accumulation and the daily maximum and minimum temperature data.
Definition of a Cooperative Station
. A National Weather Service (NWS) cooperative weather observing station, under the direction of the NWS, is a location at which weather observations are taken or other services rendered by private citizens, institutions or by other government agencies. Services rendered usually consist of taking instrumental or visual observations, recording data and transmitting reports. The equipment is usually owned by the NWS, but may be owned by an individual company, another government agency (Local, Territorial, State, Federal), or privately owned by the cooperative observer.

Official rainfall measurements began in Lexington by Mr. Sidney Stephens in January 1952.   Then Mr. Joe Carey measured the Lexington rain for 33 years. National Weather Service Augusta office installed the first standard rain gauge and the universal type recording rain gauge. Later the Fischer-Porter digital punched paper tape recording rain gauge was installed. The lowest annual rainfall on record in Lexington was 26.55 inches in 1954.   The highest anual rainfall on record in Lexington was 66.43 inches in 1964.   The average annual rainfall from 1952 through 2012 is 46.50 inches.   Source: NWS daily observation forms B-91 for station LXTG1 available online.
Lexington official NWS temperature measurements began on April 15, 2004. The Nimbus Maximum/Minimum Temperature System (MMTS) was installed in Lexington by the NWS Peachtree City Cooperative Program Manager.


Lexington LXTG1

10/5/15      10:24am


base of clouds 660 ft
Athens KAHN 10/05/2015 09:32am    62.6F Overcast 29.95
Gwinette Co Briscoe Field KLZU 10/05/2015 08:45amUTC    62.6F None reported 29.95
Greensboro Regional K3J7 10/05/2015 09:35amUTC    59.0F Overcast 29.91
Washington-Wilkes Aprt KIIY 10/05/2015 09:35amUTC    62.6F None reported 29.94
Thomson-McDuffie Aprt KHQU 10/05/2015 09:35amUTC    62.6F Overcast 29.96
Augusta KAGS 10/05/2015 08:53amUTC    60.8F Overcast 29.88
Greenville Spartanburg KGSP 10/05/2015 08:53amUTC    62.6F Broken Clouds 29.98
Charlotte KCLT 10/05/2015 08:52amUTC    57.2F Overcast 30.00
Dobbins Air Reserve Base KMGE 10/05/2015 08:58amUTC    66.2F Overcast 29.95
Atlanta KATL 10/05/2015 08:52amUTC    66.2F Overcast 29.94




temperature graph for the past 24 hours temperature graph for the past 1 hour heat index graph for the past 24 hours humidity graph for the past 24 hours dew point graph for the past 24 hours

wind direction graph for the past 24 hours wind speed data for the past 24 hours wind gust data for the past 24 hours Wind run is the product of time and wind speed, quantitatively how windy is was for the day. cloud height for the past 24 hours rain rate graph for the past 24 hours The annual rain accumulation increase during the past 24 hours. barometric graph (corrected to sea level) for the past 24 hours solar radiation graph for the past 24 hours UV Index graph for the past 24 hours evapotranspiration graph for the past 24 hours


sea level barometric data for the past 7 days daily rain accumulations graph for the past 7 days temperature data for the past 7 days wind run data for the past 7 days

Lexington wx station location
longitude 83 degrees 6 minutes North
lattitude 35 degrees 54 minutes West
elevation 726 feet

Lexington record high temperature

The highest temperature measured in Lexington, Georgia was 109.5 F at 3:45 PM on July 1, 2012.   This is the official National Weather Service Temperature measured by a Nimbus maximum/minimum temperature system.   The Nimbus MMTS system was installed by NWS and it is inspected and calibrated annually by the Cooperative Program Manager of the Weather Forecast Office, Peachtree City, Ga.
The temperature measured with a Davis Vantage Pro 2 Plus system at the same site was 109.8 F. at 3:45 PM on July 1, 2012.
The temperature measured with an AcuRite 1015 5-in-1 Weather Center at the same site was 110 F. at 3:45 PM on July 1, 2012.

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  The wind speed measured at this station may not be as high as if it were installed in a more open area.
The anemometer is shielded by tall trees in Downtown Lexington.

The online web portion of this station uses a Davis Instruments Vantage Pro 2 Plus weather station. It was refurbished by the manufacturer in August 2012. It was tested and calibrated to provide accurate reliable weather information.
Weather data is disseminated to National Weather Service, CoCoRaHS, Citizens Weather Observers Program, Weather Underground, Weatherbug, and other users.

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National Weather Service Co-op Station LXTG1 in Downtown Lexington
46.35 ???  = 3.55" Yesterdays high=69.7